The ISBNPA 2019 Local Team is happy to offer delegates daily activities to kick off each conference day on the healthy side.

You can join a running group (2 paces available) or a yoga class in the mornings of June 5th, 6th or 7th.

The sessions will start at 6:30 hours and end at approximately 7:30 hours. They will be led by the local enthusiastic team. Sign-up sheets for the activities will be available at the Registration Desk.

Yoga sessions will be held by Petra Pikkelova, from  6:30 – 7:30 hours. Classes are limited to 25 participants. 


To actively explore Prague, check out the following walking and running options:

Running trails:

The Best for Jogging

Stromovka is the largest park in Prague and a very popular jogging ground for locals. The park is mostly flat with both soft and hard surfaces, so runners can choose what they prefer. Starting point is usually from Výstaviště Holešovice, but if you want to go for a longer distance, you can run to Trója on the North side (ZOO and vineyards) or to Letná park on the South side (Metronome). Stormovka is known for the famous Prague circuit marathon in which athletes have to run 10 times around this park to reach the marathon distance of 42.2 km.

From Stromovka to Trója: approx. 4 km

From Stromovka to Letná and back: approx. 7 km

Vltava Riverside

If you prefer to run in the city centre, the riverbank is the best choice. You can start from the Charles bridge (recommended in the early morning before it gets crowded) and run along the east-side river embankment, until the railway bridge on the South (under the Vyšehrad Castle). There, you can cross the bridge and return back on the west-side embankment. If you are lucky or check a schedule, you can also use a ferry for crossing the river. It is a part of the Prague public transport system, so fares are low or included in your daily transportation ticket.

On the east-side riverbank you can also go for a longer run as there are many running paths leading towards Modřany in the South passing Vyšehrad castle, Podolí and Žluté lázně. If you don’t want to run all the way back, take Tram #17, which will take you back to Charles Bridge (station Karlovy lázně) or Staroměstská station (Old town).

Riverside route : approx. 5.5 km

From Charles Bridge to Modřany: approx. 9.2 km

Explore the city by foot

Extended versions of our popular walks alongside other guided tours are available in the SmartGuide app. A full city map, audio narratives, Augmented Reality navigation and an offline mode for your convenience on the go. Visit this website to access the app and maps.

Learn about Prague‘s history and legends by using Use-It, a digital version of legendary guides for young travelers. Learn more here.